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Canada 150

Canada 150

Your Country! Your Flag!


February 15th is National Flag of Canada Day. The 150th anniversary of Confederation is a fantastic opportunity to celebrate this powerful symbol of our Canadian identity along with our Fighting Griffin logo.

At Red Griffin Martial Arts Studio we love to show our "Griffin" pride and now we want to include our beautiful flag which inspires all of us. How? By taking part in the "Share your Moment with the Flag Challenge"!

Simply take a photo of you or your child wearing the Griffin logo with a Canadian Flag somewhere in the image. Use social media to post your picture with the following hashtags #RedGriffin #CanadianFlag #Canada150

We invite all of our members to take up this fun challenge until July 1, 2017. Have fun!

If you would rather submit images via email please send them to

shane@redgriffinstudio.com with the subject "Where's the Griffin Canada"